Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Miami, Florida - Educational Recruitment Firm Seeks English   Instructional Positions Available for Men In RIYADH, Saudi Arabia. All Candidates must be citizens of the United States of America.

Qualifications Listed Below:

·         A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in English Language related major.( The Saudi government does not recognize online degrees or certificates; all must be residential.)
·         Hold a CELTA or an SIT TESOL Certificate or equivalent (at least 120 hour of instruction; online certificates will not be considered)
·         Have experience with zero beginners
·         Have strong computer skills
·         MA in TESL
·         Creativity and flexibility to adapt to a learner-centered program using an experiential and needs-based approach
·         Ability to adapt to a way of life requiring understanding, conformity, and flexibility
·         Commitment to students, the profession, and a learner-centered teaching method
·         Experience with course management systems

Positions Available Immediately
Minimum Qualifications
Candidates for these positions must
up to 25 hours of weekly instruction of core classes, plus 10 hours weekly of work on modules, which includes supervision of student work done in core classes or lab. Record-keeping, grading, and   report-writing. Initial  placement testing of students.  Keeping office hours for meetings with students Participation in faculty meetings, committees, and  professional development. In addition to teaching, instructors will participate in initial student placement testing, regular faculty meetings, and on-going curriculum review. Instructors must be must be comfortable with, and adept at, using computers and online materials.
·         $43200 – $54000 salary per annum, commensurate with experience+ annual increment based on the evaluation.
·         Annual renewable contracts.
·         Local holidays and 30 days of paid summer vacation
·         Round-trip transportation to and from Saudi Arabia with family (Wife+ 2 children)
·         Medical insurance to the employee+wife+4children.
·         Contracts may be renewed contingent upon instructors’ performance.

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